Join the Family


1. Make an open Confession of Faith and belief in Jesus Christ

2. Be Baptized 

3. Become a Faithful part of the Antioch Family

4. Complete the STEPS  for the New Member.   

Life - Step 1  Orientation Class 

During this one day class you will review the church,

its purpose and vision

Life - Step 2  Family  Class

This class will share "what we believe and why"

Life - Step 3  L.i.f.e. Class

Christian is not our religion it's our LIFE.

This class enable you to make develop a closer personal relationship with Christ, obedient relationship through your dedication and commitment.  You will develop a deeper Christlikeness in character as you learn to live in the Spirit.   This will help you experience victories over the world,

the flesh, and spiritual warfare. 

Life - Step 4  Making Disciples

And finally you will join God's mission of making disciples

by identifying your stage in growth and your role

in ministry.                                                       

The members of Antioch are committed to:

1. Safeguarding the unity and covenant of the church.

2. Sharing the responsibility of the church, through time,

tithes, offering and serve.

3. Supporting the testimony of the church.

4. Spreading the gospel of Christ to others.